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FORCE 12 produce the first 'bent element' LFA Yagi

FORCE 12 once again show their commitment and belief in the LFA Yagi by building and proving the first of the LFA2 series Yagis which includes bent elements in order to enhance performance.

The version pictured below is an 8.9 metre (29.4 feet) 7


In this months RadCom (October/November 2009), the monthly RSGB magazine,  Peter Dodd, G3LDO reviews two commercial LFA Yagis provided by Vine antennas. Whilst he reported 'The best patterns he had seen' the real world polar plots showed pattern distortion yet he failed to mention the reasons why.


The full EME 2M LFA Yagi article will appear in DUBUS issue 4 2009

I have been spending a lot of development time recently trying to enhance the performance of LFA arrays with multiple reflector elements. Traditionally, multi-reflectors have been used upon Yagis seeking very high banwidth such as


Brain, VK4DDC built the 7.3 Metre long 6 element 50MHz LFA exactly to the same spec as my own. He had these words to say:


'Gooday Justin.......................well here it is , the 7.3M boom antenna on 6 M.
I have to say it works exactlty as you planned it, and is by far the best antenna pattern I

FORCE 12 inc choose the LFA Yagi to Spearhead New Antenna Range

Today (8th September 2009) FORCE 12 inc, A major US based antenna manufacturer based in Texas USA, raised the first pre-production LFA Yagi onto their mast for testing. The Antenna immediatley showed it's 1MHz bandwidth (144-145MHz)


VK3VG builds a 13 element 144MHz LFA

Trevor VK3VG reports:

'Hello Justin
Just a short note to let you know that I have built and have been using the
13element design you sent me for over 2 months.

The antenna works well and seems to be very close to your design.

Trevor, VK3VG

The LFA lands in Florida

Harry, KG4HJA used one of the free designs on this site, scaled it up and used it as the basis of his new 10M station. This is the first confirmed home-build of an LFA I have had from the USA and boy, what a job Harry has made of it! Harry reports

'SWRs 1.0@ 50 Ohms on the mfj


The next issue of DUBUS Magazine due in August will include some new 6M LFA designs that have been optimised for maximum performance all round. The list includes easy-to-build antennas from 4 to 12 elements. All have super flat SWR curves and maximised gain to go along with the fantastic pattern and



The first EME QSO on 6M was achieved on 21st July 2009 by Joe, CT1HZE. Joe worked W1JJ with just one 7 element LFA Yagi.

Joe installed the LFA earlier in the day and is comparing the I0JXX 7 element Yagi with the LFA. Early reports are most encouraging.


The 7 element CT1HZE LFA Yagi working NA via


There is much talk in the amamteur radio community about the new LFA Yagi and still much more work to be done in honing the antenna for absolute best performance. However, one thing is quite clear already, the LFA will be widely used within EME stations the World over. 

Keep an eye on DUBUS


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