Here is a photo and comments from a builder of one of my HF Yagis. Be sure to search 'G0KSC Antennas' on facebook, most of my updates are placed there now!



Attached the OWA15M 6el photos built from my friend Vigand - PY5QW and help from me and our friends.

Excuse me the archive size, to preserve minimal quality I make a little compression.

This is an fantastic project, now the "PY5QW HF Radio Station Farm" have decent antennas to 20/15/10 Meters

band with a expressive quality. I (PY5AB) make 2100 contacts in the last CQWW, some reports are (in debut day):

"For first time I ear (and work) a PY in Australia.... VK5MTM/M (20M Mobile....) and some videos on youtube.

At QRZ/PY5QW more photos, is special 7th.

This youtube video show difference between KT34XA and 15M OWA, distance 2459.7 km (South to NE of Brazil)

in PT language

At 0:24 to 0:28 switch OWA to KT to OWA.

QTR 18:55 (20:55Z)

73, Antonio - PY5AB.