A 7element 50MHz LFA2 Yagi with 9.5m boom - 7LFA6WOS / 7LFA6CCZ

Premium commercial versions of this antenna at Innovantennas

This antenna has been designed for both G3WOS and G4CCZ. Chris  G3WOS has completed his antennas first and I am now looking to name antennas based on the first confirmed build. However, both Chris and Paul asked me to design this and provided feedback to me along the way so it is a difficult one to fix a name for !!

The antenna employs bent reflector and first director elements in order to enhance wide-band continuity in respect of impedance, gain, F/B and overal pattern Stability.

Chris, G3WOS has produced a very comprehensive overview of his build and the results so rather than not do as good a job as him in this regard, I will point now to his site for all antenna details and build requirements.

His very detailed and very impressive article can be found here:

2 x G0KSC 7LFA6WOS LFA2 Yagis as installed at G3WOS

2 x G0KSC 7LFA6CCZ LFA2 Yagis as installed at G4CCZ !!

6 x 7el WOS LFA for 50MHz at W7EW ( supplied by InnovAntennas )