This is a short introduction into the OWA quad antenna of which I have listed several designs on this site. OWA (Optimised Wideband Array) is not normally a term associated with Quad antennas as these antennas tend to be very narrow band and hence have to be specifically placed within a portion of the band the Ham wants to use. I decided it would be extremely useful if a quad could be modeled which was able to show the performance benefits of the traditional quad antenna whilst adopting the associated benefits of the OWA yagi.


Enter the G0KSC OWA Quad!


What are the OWA benefits?


Whilst it is highlighted else where on this site, I have presented the main benefits of an OWA antenna below:


What are Quad benefits over a Yagi?


Typically, the real and fundamental benefits are in outright performance. With a quad (below around 7/8 elements) you will see higher gain and better front to back ratio that a Yagi of any given Boom length. In most cases, higher gain can be produced with not just a shorter boom, with less elements too.


What Are the G0KSC OWA Quad benefits?


All of the above! With my Quads you will see all of the OWA Yagi benefits with a shorter boom and less elements any a given Yagi design.

If you like the idea of an OWA quad and do not see something on this site that suits, let me know and I maybe able to model something for you.


Any questions at all, please mail me.

73 Justin G0KSC