Canvey Island, Essex, England
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144MHz LFA Yagis

Low Noise LFA Yagis designed by G0KSC free to build for personal use.

G0KSC Twin-Boom Quads
Custom low-noise dish feeds
Custom low-noise dish feeds
G0KSC Custom Dish Feeds

Above installation @ HB9Q

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What You Say

Here I have decided to publish some of the comments I am now receiving via Email. Please send in your comments to me, they are good to receive!


Gooday Justin.......................well here it is , the 7.3M boom antenna on 6 M.
I have to say it works exactlty as you planned it, and is by far the best antenna pattern I have ever used on 6 M.
So again thank you for the design figures and hopefully the sunspots will start to improve, as in fact they have today, so perhaps my timing was correct !!
73..................Brian. VK4DDC



 'Dear OM, After reading your information in Internet about 7el-21mtr-boom I have during 1 day made a antenna, and used it in IARU R1 Contest September 2009. Antenna is excellent. I have made from my auto, as SP6LB/m QSO with E73ESP-QRB 727 km and some others over 400 km.
I wish write an article in our Swiat Radio Ham Magazin about this antenna with figures.
Please giv me your permition.'

73! de SP6LB, Zdzislaw


 'Hi Justin,

I finished installation of my antennae. It's performing AMAZING, doing
great job. I am supriosed to see that the SWR is flat all way down the

I used commercial anennas before but didn't act like this SWR wise.
Please find the photos of my setup attached to this email. My plan is
writing down all my experience on my BLOG (sorry but Turkish : but you will find lots of photos of my
construction step there, hopefully tomorrow)

best 73's de TA7W


'I was using my home made 5 el wide spaced yagi for 6 for some years now.
Worked allmost 150 DXCC with this antenna.
I designed it with some older software.
Found out that I was becoming more dependent of condx as it was also
becoming more crowded on the band.
So started to sea forrch a new antenna which meet my specs.
Soon I discovered your site and immediately felt that this was something
to try out.As soon as Vine had them commercially I ordered mine.
Put it up and found that compared to my old yagi the performance was
better, on both reception and transmition.
A pitty the season almost had ended but still managed to work some new
DXCC in the West Indies.Reports are fine and often I get through first in
the pile ups.I run no ampl. just 200 watts.
Not all the local trash has gone but  I think this is hardly possible
anymore these days, but surely it has improved.This means in my eyes with
a sharper foreward pattern and more sensitive antenna beiing able to
reduce noise is a dubble bonus.

My conclusion so far is that these yagi's rock , really perform in real
live.You have done a fantastic job !
As you can read on I call it the first generation of LFA.
I'm curious to see what future will bring more on your designs.Saw that
with a trapezium shaped loop the pattern can be improved.
I'm keeping an eye on your site...

The -39 dB I measured was inside the shack, this means with 50 meter coax
and 2 1:1 coax choke baluns and a lightning arrestor in line.So when
measuring direct at the antenna feedpoint this would be better.Still have
to do this though when i have time.

73's de Paul PA3GND'

'Hi Justin,

Fascinating designs!  There are 4 of your 7 element 2M yagis (well, modified versions thereof) on my workshop floor.  I'm just waiting for some brackets for the H-frame so I can see how they stack up against the other yagis I have tried (excuse the pun!) 

My modifications make the yagis lighter for use in a portable EME array ... sure, going to thinner elements lost me 0.1dB gain as I see it in the 4nec2 software, and I don't have the maximum radiating efficiency anymore, but they still make a nice "50 ohm" yagi compared to other offerings I can find.

73, Bob  ZL1RS '

'hello justin congratulations your website is very good and very helpful.your antenna feed arrangement is very simple and easy to do with minimal losses. alot of the big antenna makers the quality of construction is poor to say the least.i have been a foundation holder for two months and already made to of my own beams .anyway thankyou for use of your designs and keep up the good work

best regards FROM STUART M6 SLE'

 'Just a quick note to say thank you for the great talk tonight. It was well presented and very interesting. Raised a lot of questions, and gave many answers.

73 De Graham M6GLF Sturry.''

'Hi Justin,

I will send you some photos but I a bit embarrassed.  The construction is no
where as neat as yours.  I don't have a router so I have just screwed the
elements on quite tightly to keep them in place.  Also my plastic insulators
are a bit rough - they are high quality nylon plastic which I bought as an
offcut from a bearing shop.  They often use this plastic to make wheel
bearings!  I am so staggered at its performance as I cannot hear these
repeaters on my rubber ducky at all and they are around 30-60dB over 9 now.
As I said before too these repeaters are over 130km away.

I have made a couple of other 2 metre (3 ele) yagis but am now keen to make
your 5 ele and then 7 ele ones!  I have one problem though - when I model
your 2 metre designs the swr gets a bit high near 148 MHz.  In VK, the 2
metre band is from 144 to 148 MHz with most of the repeaters between 146 and
148 MHZ.  I have remodelled your 5 ele antenna by taking around 20 mm off
the length of each element with the SWR curve looking much more inviting for
use in Australia.  I was wondering if you could have a look at the attached
nec file (as I use 4nec2) and let me know what you think.  By the way I have
used 4nec2 to model quite a few of your designs and I get answers pretty
close to yours.  The main reason I have done this is I cannot get imperial
sized tubing here - it is all metric.

Once again thanks for your great designs and I will send you a few photos


Scott Smith VK2AET

Wow, this is great. Thank you very much. I made the insulators within the
last hour and disassembled a 5 element to build this one (from the ARRL
Antenna book, hairpin and 4:1 coax balun). I'll finish it in a couple days
and let you know how it does.


Thank you for your excellent web.I am fan OWA..
I 6el.OWA 10m.Boom 6m.
Justin,please know size 4-5el.OWA 20m??Boom 10 to 11m.I can not english,this is a GOOGLE translation.
Hi Hi.....Sorry..

   Thank you for all.   73   Karel   OK2BRA'


'I have just built your 12el for 70cms. It works well with an SWR better than the design and local repeaters are up at least 2 S points on the colinear'

Paul M0XLD'

'Hi Justin,

Much appreciated, steering me in the right direction as you have. You are a
true jewel in the rough.

I'm not a eBay enthusiast at all but it does look like I'll have to take the
plunge if I'm to attempt making that antenna.

Thanks again..

Dave (2E0FME)


'Hello Justin,

Very informative site I will have a shot at the above antenna and let you know how I go.

Many thanks for this information.

kindest Regards, John. VK6AI


'Hi Justin,

An excellent site. We have spoken before on DSTAR and other modes. As you know I am keen on 6mrts and firstly be interested in the 4 element version and costs if you built it for me. Dont have any tools here so might be the easier way. Also I noticed you did dual band versions,but I could only see 70/50 versions. Is there a reason for this ? If it would be possible could you design and build a dualbander for 50/144 or is there to many technical issues here.

Look forward to your reply


M0YMJ  Canterbury'


 'I just tried to open the 4nec software and it came up with several error
boxes then told me it was converting from linux and promptly died!
I have tried this several times now with the same results so if you can
send the deatils for construction it might help !!
I write the VK6 column for the Australian WIA magazine "Amateur Radio"
and have included details of the beacon project in the April edition. I
have suggested your designs are excellent for home brewers of antennas
and have included your web page in the article.If you want this deleted
please let me know asap as it goes for publication tomorrow.
There is too much going on to be a working man these days! roll on
retirement !!
Keith VK6XH'