• G0KSC designed 3el, 40M & 6el 20M (Force 12)

    This antenna uses the G0KSC OP-DES design on both 40m and 20m to provide full-band coverage on each.

  • 6 x 7el WOS 50MHz LFA Yagi

    175' fully rotating tower and 6 x 7el 50MHz WOS LFA Yagis at W7EW

  • 3 el 24MHz LFA Yagi by InnovAntennas

    Serious low-noise performance for the HF bands too!

  • 4 x 6el 50MHz LFA Yagis @ DL5WP

    Those that do their research and want low noise Yagis choose G0KSC designs!

  • 4 x 11el 144MHz LFA's @ F3EGA

    Excellent G/T figure antenna array ensuring F3EGA can hear and be heard!

  • G0KSC Monoband 14MHz Log Periodic

    With a boom of just 2m and F/B in excess of 20dB including full-band coverage, this is a super-compact Field day antenna!

  • 4 x 24el 432MHz LFA @ PA2V

    PA2V selected G0KSC LFAs (built by InnovAntennas) when he wanted the very best in EME performance!

  • 4el 27MHz LFA Yagi by InnovAntennas

    A 4 element 27MHz LFA by InnovAntennas. The LFA can handle 20KW plus and does for many radio stations, commerical and hobby!

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The Latest, Genuine G0KSC Design LFA and LFA-3 designs are ONLY available from InnovAntennas!

I designed another antenna for Peter for both 15 and 20m bands. Using EZNEC Pro/6 with the NEC4/2 engine means accuracy is as good as it gets and 30 years worth of bugs do not remains as they do in NEC2 based applications! His comments below:

''How are you champ?

Just wanting to pass on the news that the interlaced design you sent through is working and working incredibly well. Tunes to 50 ohms mid bands at 1.0 SWR. No adjustments even required at all. Straight from the ground to the tower.

Have written some info on QRZ for it at VK2GGC. Lots of stations asking about it over the weekend.

Again, a pleasure to put your work into practice mate.

Talk soon,


The team at OL7M spent one year building and installing a monster 28MHz OWA array designed by G0KSC. The array consists of 4 x 6 element OWA Yagis and built the entire system and H-frame on site.

2 photos of the finished project are below but certainly, it is worth taking a look at the 10m YouTube video at the bottom of this article whcih takes you through the build from concept to completion.

4 x 6el G0KSC OWA Yagis for 28MHz at OL7M


A second, closer short of the same array

The below like is the YouTube video which takes you through the project start to finish, Enjoy!

If you need help designing and building an array, contact me directly via this site.


Project photo gallery can be found here: http://ok2zaw.blogspot.cz/


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