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N3XX installs 4 x 7el LFA by InnovAntennas -Tim reports how happy he is with his new 50MHz EME Array

Hi Justin,

It seems like all projects here take about twice as long as expected, but finally the four LFAs are assembled, and all is up on the tower and working.

I have a lot of local noise, but


Hi Justin.

Please find attached a picture of my Dad (Keith Robertson) ZL1AVO with his 6el 6.4M boom 50MHz LFA. Picture is at his remote QTH at Muriwai, on the West Coast of Auckland. Oaia Island is visible in the background.  The remote QTH looks directly west for excellent take off to Australia which


VK5PO successes with 2 x 11el 144Mhz LFAs

John, VK5POcontacted me about some custom LFAs to suit the tube sizes he has. John has made an excellent job of the loop (see below) and has installed an antenna balun too.

Take a look also at the SWR, you cannot get too mcuh better than that can you?



HK4SAN installed 4 G0KSC antennas, 4el 20M OWA, 4el 21M OWA, and LFA Yagis for 10m and 6m.

Want a Yagi design you cannot see here?

I have designed and developed thousands of Yagis and can vary any yagi of mine to suit your needs; Taper, Element Diameter etc. Mail me, I can help you!



Hi Justin

Just an update on the performance of my 4-ele LFA yagi

I’m amazed that with the antenna mounted barely 5m above ground I managed to work 172 DXCC and 41 NA states.  Since last weekend I now have the antenna mounted on a Tennamst at 11m above ground.  My 7th contact after mounting the


Hi mate,

Just putting together some footage for youtube on how well your LFA went during the CQWW.  I built the 6 element LFA version a few months back and we installed it at VK2GGC club station at 14m in height. 

We had a massive pile up for hours each day when using it and so many US stations


G3WOS Chris, asked me to redesign the WOS 7el LFA Yagi in order it could have elements both vertically and horizontally polarised for EME purposes (MAP65). Chris is just in the final stages of build now and will be testing soon! Here is a preview of one of the antennas:

More details on this and


Marc, ON5VW installs an 8el 70MHz LFA

Marc reports that things look good already with 59+ reports from the UK but then again, with 8 elements and a huge tower what less could you expect! Marc has made a great job of this antenna and lie most, I look forward to working on on this one Marc!

I am thinking about releasing some LFA-Q designs for self-build. Currently these are only available from InnovAntenas but although they may look quite difficult to build, really they are not.

The advantage of the full wave length elements is a little higher gain that would be normally associated


Tim NW0W installs an InnovAntennas 10el 50MHz LFA


Hey Guys!

Good News! It's UP! Whew what a freaking BEAST even with a man lift. Nice flat SWR too. And it *IS* quiet, way quieter than the 6M9WLC. Now just gotta wait for a band opening LOL oh well.

I'll take some pictures of it late
r soo

n while I

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