Canvey Island, Essex, England
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A 6 element OWA Yagi for 28MHz with a 10.623mtr boom

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This is a high-gain, wideband OWA (Optimised Wideband Array) Yagi which covers the 10m band with an SWR of less than1.1:1 from 28-28.900MHz. It is a non-crtical antenna so both metric and imperial sized tubing can be used with the same dimensions. This antenna has a two stage taper.

This Antenna has been modelled using NEC4 and confirmed by FEKO. This is thousands of dollars of the very latest antenna design software available and the results are highly accurate. When loading into your software, you will see similar SWR but not the same. Please do not alter the model, build to these dimensions for the best results.

Contact me if you are unsure what correction (if any) you require for the element holders/stand-offs you will use or any other questions you may have.

The 6el G0KSC OWA at VK4QH

Antenna Layout and Construction:


11.55dBi @ 28.500MHz

20.41dB @ 28.500MHz

SWR: Below 1.1.1 from 28MHz to 28.900MHz

Construction details / Taper schedule

Refer to the above drawing.

European version tube diameter

Mid Section: 20mm, Outer Section: 15mm

UK/USA version tube diameter

Mid Section: 3/4 inch, Outer Section: 5/8 inch

Antenna Dimensions For either UK/USA sized tubing or European/metric sized tubing

                           Spacing                  End Section Length   (All below sizes in Metres)

Reflector                0                             1 .9195

DE1                      1.345                       1 .8685

D1                        2.071                        1.7315

D2                        4.359                        1.6785

D3                        7.664                        1.6345

D4                      10.623                        1.5785

Stacking information:

Distance: 6m

Gain: 13.53dBi (18.54dBi 20m above real ground)

F/B: 26.8dB 

Distance: 10m

Gain: 14.27dBi (19.49dBi 20m above real ground)

F/B: 19.14dB

Polar Plots

Azimuth Plot of this super antenna

Elevation plot of this antenna

Elevation plot of this antenna at 20M above ground

2 x 6el at 6m spacing ( bottom antenna 20m up)

SWR Plot

Any questions, please ask!

Justin G0KSC