Canvey Island, Essex, England
Twin boom quad
144MHz LFA Yagis
144MHz LFA Yagis

Low Noise LFA Yagis designed by G0KSC free to build for personal use.

144MHz LFA Yagis
70cms LFA Yagis
70cms LFA Yagis
Twin-Boom G0KSC Quads
G0KSC Twin-Boom Quads
Twin-Boom G0KSC Quads
G0KSC Custom Dish feeds - Above installation @ HB9Q
Custom low-noise dish feeds
Custom low-noise dish feeds
G0KSC Custom Dish Feeds

Above installation @ HB9Q

G0KSC Custom Dish feeds - Above installation @ HB9Q
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Hi Justin (G0KSC),

I am writing to thank the design of the OWA 10m / 5 elements antenna that is available on your webpage.

We built the antenna and it showed excellent results:

Without the choke:

SWR = 1.1 from 28.000 MHz to 28.300 MHz

SWR = 1.0 from 28.350 MHz to 29 MHz.

R = 55 Ohms and X = 0 Ohms. (on MFJ-259C)

With choke:

SWR = 1.0 from 28 MHz to 29 MHz.

R ranging from 47 Ohms to 57 Ohms with X = 0 Ohms to X = 5 Ohms, depending on the frequency.

Let's now build an OWA for 15m / 5 elements.

We thank you and invite you to visit our website (PR1M) on

Many thanks Justin.

Luiz Pinheiro PY1LU

Team PR1M.


Luiz Pinheiro C. da Silva, Prof. Dr.

Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - UERJ

Instituto de Física.
Departamento de Eletrônica Quântica.
Laboratório de Óptica.

Read Time: 1 minute

Current design G0KSC antennas are ONLY produced by InnovAntennas in the UK and Hy-Gain / Cushcraft in the US. NO OTHER company makes current design LFAs

More and more EME systems are appearing as a result of the solar cycle position and the continued craving for DX! The LFA provides a quiet platform for VHF and UHF along with provision of gain enough to provide the edge needed to excel. SM6LPF chose the 6 element LFA Yagi as the basis of his EME system and took my advice on loss-saving routing and cable provisioning within his setup. The result being this rather nice forst for him on 6m:

''The antennas work very fine, just worked ZL3NW on the moon for a new continent.''

IIf you need help, advice or just would like to discuss and confirm your selection of design, drop me a line I will be happy to help!

Justin G0KSC

Most new antenna designs and photos now posted on facebook. Like 'G0KSC Antennas' to see what's new!

4 x 6el 50MHz LFA Yagis at SM6LPF