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70MHz 4m band Balun 1:1

4m band (70MHz) 1:1 ferrite balun 1.5KW
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Sales price without tax £28.99

A Ferrite Core Balun fitted with N-type Female - IB4M

If you do not want to wind a choke yourself or have an issue with the soldering iron or you just want a much cleaner Balun install then we can help . Ferrite core baluns have a much wider bandwidth than the choke so are far more suitable to wide band or multi-band antennas (such as log periodic Arrays). The IB4M is 22=0cms long.

Our Ferrite core baluns are fitted with terminal connections to suit your InnovAntennas product and are fully water-proofed at the factory being sealed with a glue-filled UV stable heat-shrink prior to dispatch

Don't forget our rubber feed point sealant should you wish to completely water-seal your feed point! This can be found HERE


4m and 6m baluns pictured